10 Types of People on the Singapore Pub Crawl

The Singapore Pub Crawl has been organizing pub crawls since 2011 and we have seen a pattern of the types of crawlers who join our parties. Those who have gone on our famous pub crawls can relate to this!

Here is my top 10 types of Pub Crawlers that came to one of our Pub Crawlers in Singapore.

1. The Shy & Quiet one

Normally keep to themselves but always smile at the other guests BUT they turn out to be the most wild a few shots down the line.

2. The Non Drinkers…

You always have one…, and you wonder why they came to a pub crawl. Haven’t they read the subtle message between the lines that you will get F**KED Up?

3. The Stag party

Around 5-6 men coming to have a mad party,  they are always the first to start drinking and always talk to everybody. They are always up for beer pong, shots and always…. I’ll repeat… ALWAYS throw up…. Everywhere

4. The Sarong Party Girl (SPG)

We all know this.

5. The Party Animal Go-ers

They have done countless bar crawls around the world and are always up for a party they get along well with the SPGs.

6. That guy….

You know, that Guy, well please darling, don’t be that guy….

7. The grandpa

Normally over 50 years old, buuuuuuut can out party any youngster and drinks more than a fish! Great to have a chat with about life’s wisdom. Be aware of them as that they are VETERANS in Partying.

8. The Breakdancer

…well he thinks he  is a breakdancer, dances the night away, shows off ‘great’ and ‘amazing’ dance moves,  but  hey, they get the party started and are always the most fun in the Club.

9. The Photographer

You always have this girl that would like to make a documentary of her whole evening/vacation/life by taking selfies every 5 minutes! It’s great for us, as that afterwards we have a bunch of funny pictures.

10. The Couple

Boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife or lovers, you always have a couple joining the crawl to spice up their holidays. There are eager to mingle and are lovely to be around.

With such a variety of special people, the Singapore Pub Crawl has become a must do for anybody traveling to anywhere in the world including solo travelers, couples,  stag & hen’s parties and even The Grandpa’s. Everybody is always welcomed and always had a good time.

Coming to Singapore anytime soon?

Hit us up and join one of the Singapore crawls!


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