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We are consistently on the lookout for people who have great potentials to be an asset to the team. Aside from the technical qualifications that we set, we only require one thing: you must swear to enjoy having fun by helping us to provide the best parties in the country . So if you think you have what it takes, the following are the positions that are still open!

  1. Crawl Leaders

If you like to party, drink and meet people, this is the job for you. You can work as many shifts as you want – and party as much as you can handle! So have you got what it takes to PARTY with us? Quite simply…



The job: You actually run the show.

  1. You need to be aware of all the protocols and implement them. At the same time, take charge in entertaining people from multicultural backgrounds, ensuring that they’ll have the best experience in Singapore.
  2. You will also be the energetic, and fun leader that will radiate happiness to our customers. You will be roaming around our fun bars, talking to people a lot, ensuring that they receive only a high level of service from us. We are looking for crawl leaders/crawl captains. You will be the front lead of our events. You will scream, a lot, to call attention. Talk a lot, to explain some rules and games.
  3. Dance a lot, to radiate your energy to shy people in the event. You will be the life of the party. And your job is to make a party fun, by being fun. No matter how enjoyable and fun working in a party is, remember that this is still a job. We expect a certain level of work ethics and quality standards.

So who’s the perfect fit? It is not necessary to be an extrovert, you just need to be able talk, to other people, in conversational English. You have this confidence to share stories but not too much that you bother people and call you too loud. You have this sensitive nature that allows you to adapt to any kind of people so you know how to interact with them. You respect rules. You respect other people. You might be the alpha of the pack, but you do not rub it on everybody’s face.

You like it cool and smooth. Just chill and energized. You don’t like any dramas and commotions. Lastly, you care. This is your party. You don’t want people not having a good time. You’re a man/woman of smiles! You make sure at the end of the night, everyone will go to you, and your co-staff and say, “You’re the best! This is my best experience in Singapore.”

2. Internship Programs

Plan an event. Negotiate the best deals. Tackle a project. Execute to perfection. Be in the epi-centre of a startup. Experience what work hard and play hard really means. If you believe that internships shouldn’t be spent in an office, then this might be the best internship you would ever experience. We are looking for world-class talent to help us grow and expand Singapore Pub Crawl into the number one nightlife activity in Singapore. If you are an ambitious and fun high-performer seeking for an eye-catching differentiator in your CV, you are the perfect match!


Your Mission Goals:

The sky is the limit! Join us on a six-month journey where you will develop your business acumen and your personality. Real life experiences which cannot be found in your lectures and tutorials.

  • Become a True Leader!
  • Guide groups of 50-100 people through the Singapore night-life scene.
  • Learn the basics of a business!
  • Engage in all relevant activities from human resource, accounting and controlling to online marketing, procurement, and business intelligence.
  • Experience the heart-beat of a start-up!
  • Develop, test and refine new marketing concepts while tracking its business impact.
  • Evolve into a multicultural Entertainer.
  • Become an expert in connecting with people from all over the world
  • Manage fun and responsibility – hand in hand.
  • Balance the everlasting Singapore Pub Crawl fun while bearing full responsibility for everyone.

You will enjoy a lot of freedom and responsibility managing your own projects based on your talents, ideas and fields of expertise. While partying and meeting new people will be part of your schedule, we demand a passion for excellence, discipline and personal growth attitude as well as a focus on values and cultural integrity.

Send us an email at with a short write up of why you want to be a crawl leader and a photo.

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