For Corporate Events

So if you’re planning something in the city for work, then what better way to blow off some steam in the evening then exploring a few pubs and bars in the Central Business District. Whether there’s 40 or 400 of you, we’ll tailor a Pub Crawl to meet your needs, and locate the right kind of venues to give everyone a night out they’ll be talking about at work for months! Your only challenge then will be to match it with the next event! (Also, perhaps, waking up early the next morning.) We’ve suggested a couple of packages, but it’s easiest just to get in touch!

Venue type, size, and location are just a few of the things to sort when choosing where to hold your works event, but we’ll take the sting out of planning this, and get you some amazing value too.

We can assist in planning everything from private pub crawls to corporate functions and bachelor/bachelorette parties. Fill out an event inquiry below or shoot us an email, and one of our stellar team members will get back to you shortly with an events package tailored to you.