Five Reasons to party with the Singapore Pub Crawl

Singapore may not be the biggest city in Asia, but like they say; it’s not the size that matters, it’s the way you use it. With the highest density of bars in the world, there are countless parties every single night to experience!

All of these parties and bars…it can be a real mess to decide where to go! Even when you find somewhere, have you picked the right place? What music will they have? Do I need to buy tickets in advance? What’s the dress code?

New cities and surroundings can sometimes be confusing but not to worry, here are just a few reasons you need to party with the Singapore Pub Crawl!

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1. We take you to the best bars/clubs

Saying that the Singapore drinking culture is vibrant is a severe understatement. Have trouble figuring out the best whiskey’s, maybe want to try a new craft beer? How about playing beer pong in the streets? And what’s the deal with the Singapore Sling? Our guides can sort you out no problem!

The party district of Singapore is packed with great, good, and OK bars and clubs. Finding your bearing can be tricky, but with the Singapore Pub Crawl, we only take you to the most popular bars and clubs. We live to find the middle ground between too hip and too touristy! Why not join the Singapore Pub Crawl, as every night we change bars/clubs, heading to whatever the hottest venues are in the city!

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2. Meet new friends

Loads of people come to Singapore from all over the world, and chances are they’re going to end up on the Singapore Pub Crawl and it’s the best opportunity to meet people in the city. They do say that going for a few drinks is the best way to break the ice….

We have a pub crawl running every week. Sometimes small, sometimes large, but we make sure that you can meet new friends. With the Singapore Pub Crawl, you are never alone!


3. To help with your budget!

Drinking can be expensive. Yes, the booze is expensive in fine Singapore and a nightout will rip your wallet a new one without any remorse if you are not careful. On our pub crawl, you get free drinks and we only take you to budget-friendly clubs.


4.We are Easy to Find

We start our Singapore Pub Crawl tours in the heart of the city, which is at 80 Raffles Place. Every night we gather in front of the little bird statue. We call it the Fat Pigeon Statue– we are in fact quite easy to spot, as there is usually a formidable group awaiting their pub crawl awesomeness!

5. For Friendly, sexy and local crew!

Our crew consists of a few professionally trained drunks. Okay, so it’s not exactly an official qualification, but if drunkenness is relative to the dedication, then there’s no one you’d rather want with you. Summer, Winter, rain or shine, our guides are out there doing what they do best; leading the best damn pub crawl in Singapore!

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Why you would love the Singapore Pub Crawl?

Singapore’s nightlife is world famous for a reason. Our pub crawl takes you on tour to the hottest nightlife spots in the city. We’ll race you around some of the best bars and pubs that give you an authentic taste of a night out in one of Asia’s top party cities. You will love pub crawls. Here is why.


You love to party without borders
Pub crawl is an unique and vibrant way of getting to know and enjoy Singapore by night, partying with an international and local crowd. Getting the taste of nightlife in Singapore is a must. You can’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the city and it is very complicated not to give in to the temptation. The nightlife in the Singapore River CBD area doesn’t have any schedule or boundaries: you can always encounter a party regardless of the time or day of the week.



You like to have it organized
A pub crawl is not a time for spontaneity. We select the best local pubs and clubs for our guests, ensuring drink deals for drinks, entertaining and supporting throughout the night, providing info on how to get back to your place whenever you want to or feel like. We are here for you, granting you will never run out of ideas.


You are looking for the best bars
You want to taste great drinks and we know the best places to get your booze on. Singapore Pub Crawl offers you the chance to party at famous bars and nightclubs in the city. Get to the best in the city centre, enjoy exclusive drink offers, meet people from all over the world, travellers and locals, experience the fun and intense party night life of Singapore.

Join us for a night you may not remember but you will never forget!




Singapore National Day Pub Crawl 2017

flag_singaporeDrink up, for Singapore. More than 150 revellers are expected to go on a pub crawl in August to celebrate the country’s 52nd birthday. The annual National Day Pub Crawl will see participants hopping across five nightspots in the Boat Quay and Clarke Quay area on August 8 and 9, 2017.

The crawl will start at 7pm, at a gathering point in Raffles Place, before moving on to the first pub. Pubgoers will spend about an hour at each venue, but can stay till late at the fifth and final venue – a nightclub in Clarke Quay.

Organisers for the event are keeping mum about the venues for now to surprise those who sign up. Other event perks include free shots, no cover charge and exclusive drink deals.


It’s time to wish Singapore ‘Happy 52nd Birthday’ and paint the town red! Join us in our annual National Day Pub Crawl!

Go wild and unleash the party animal in you as we take you on an unforgettable journey to the best nightlife hotspots in the Lion City.

Come either Tuesday or Wednesday @ $25 each or buy the double day package for just $35.

Get your tickets :

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Singapore Beerfest Asia Pub Crawl 2017


Singapore Pub Crawl will be bringing you to BeerFest Asia 2017!!

Join us this August to enjoy live music, sample delicious culinary offerings and of course, suss out the region’s best beers.

Here are the packages happening on the 19th – 20th of August:

Standard Pub Crawl and Standard Beerfest Ticket :
★ Free shots at every venue !
★ Exclusive Drink Specials !
★ Extended happy hour all night long !
★Party Bus to BeerFest Asia 2017 !
★Entry to Beerfest Asia 2017 + 1 Drink!

Ticket Price : $60 Early Bird (till 12 Aug) / $65 Standard Ticket

VIP Pub Crawl and VIP Beerfest Ticket :
★ 1 hour free flow sprits – DRINK ALL YOU WANT
★ Free shots at every venue !
★ Limited edition Singapore Pub Crawl T-shirt!
★ Exclusive Drink Specials !
★ Extended happy hour all night long !
★Party Bus to BeerFest Asia 2017 !
★Entry to Beerfest Asia 2017 + Access to VIP DECK + Free Flow VIP Beer + VIP Kit!

Ticket Price: $199 Early Bird (till 12 Aug) / $220 Standard Ticket

Singapore Pub Crawl also gives free shots to add to the party!
Spread the word! (The more the merrier!)

► Meeting Place
UOB Plaza, 80 Raffles place (You are sure to find our crew there!)
Nearest MRT: Raffles Place (Exit G)
**Find us at the fat pigeon near the river!**

Guys: No shorts/No flip flops
Ladies: Casual/No flip flops

► Registration: 7.30pm – 7.45pm
(We move off to our first bar at 7.45pm)

Get your tickets now @


Prom Night & Homecoming Parties!

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Are you graduating soon or in charge of planning your next prom party? You’ve been away and you want to throw a homecoming party for your groupies?

From games & entertainment, to food & drink, to luxury transportation. Our experienced staff and party pro’s, including live bands, DJs, photographers/videographers and florists will blow away your guests and deliver the ultimate prom or homecoming party. No one throws a better party than the Singapore Pub Crawl.

Party Package A @ $25 per pax 

Complimentary shots at every pub/bar

Visit 3 pubs/bars and 1 nightclub

VIP entry to the nightclub

Exclusive Drink Deals

1 crawl leader per 10 pax


Party Package B @ $35 per pax

Complimentary shots at every pub/bar

Visit 4 pubs/bars and 1 nightclub

VIP entry to the nightclub

Exclusive Drink Deals

1 crawl leader per 10 pax


VIP Party Package @ $50 per pax 


Complimentary shots at every pub/bar

Visit 4 pubs/bars and 1 nightclub

VIP entry to the nightclub

Exclusive Drink Deals

1 crawl leader per 10 pax


Book Your Event Today!

Call us at (65) 6100 4742 or email us

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*Minimum 10 guests. Reservations and deposit required. Some restrictions apply. Not valid with any other promotion or offers. Subject to change without notice.

One Stop Shop for Private and Special Events

Running out of ideas to do an exclusive event that will surely make the mark to your friends & loved ones? Well, this is it!


Singapore Pub Crawl is your one-stop shop for all Corporate and Private Events.

From organization to execution, you can be assured that we are with you every step of the way.

Private Events
Turning 21 or having a birthday party? Celebrating your last few days as a Bachelor/Bachelorette? Having a Graduation and want to celebrate with your mates? Or even a simple friend’s night out! You name in and we will arrange a party for you like no other.

Corporate Events
We have also extended our operations to also include corporate events and these could range from staff retreats to celebrations at the office. Our aim is to include workshops that target on team building and boosting morale in the office.


All you have to do is give us a call at +6584287156 or drop an email with your request/enquiry at and we will get back to you with the necessary details.

Gather your mates and join us as we have WICKED DEALS and SPECIAL OFFERS for groups who want to join us for an AWESOME night out in Singapore.

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2 drinks for $12 nett in Kreta Ayer

Drink CultureLocated in the vicinity of the bustling downtown of Singapore, Drink Culture juxtaposes with a tranquil setting for our after-work unwind, business chit-chats or friendly catch-ups. The perfect recline after a day’s engagement, with much fun!

An enclave in bustling Chinatown with a mix of heritage and modern all around. Drink Culture serves tasty Western style bites to local flavours. Definitely takes off the edge after a long day!

With this $3 ticket, you get:
a. Welcome Shot
b. 2 drinks for $12 nett all night.

Get your tickets here: