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10 Types of Pub Crawlers

The Singapore Pub Crawl has been organizing pub crawls since 2011 and we have seen a pattern of the types of crawlers who join our parties. Those who have gone on our famous pub crawls can relate to this!

Here is my top 10 types of Pub Crawlers that came to one of our Pub Crawlers in Singapore

1. The Shy & Quiet one

Normally keep to themselves but always smile at the other guests BUT they turn out to be the most wild a few shots down the line.

2. The Non Drinkers…

You always have one…, and you wonder why they came to a pub crawl. Haven’t they read the subtle message between the lines that you will get F**KED Up?

3. The Stag party

Around 5-6 men coming to have a mad party,  they are always the first to start drinking and always talk to everybody. They are always up for beer pong, shots and always…. I’ll repeat… ALWAYS throw up…. Everywhere

4. The Sarong Party Girl (SPG)

We all know this.

5. The Party Animal Go-ers

They have done countless bar crawls around the world and are always up for a party they get along well with the SPGs.

6. That guy….

You know, that Guy, well please darling, don’t be that guy….

7. The grandpa

Normally over 50 years old, buuuuuuut can out party any youngster and drinks more than a fish! Great to have a chat with about life’s wisdom. Be aware of them as that they are VETERANS in Partying

8. The Breakdancer

…well he thinks he  is a breakdancer, dances the night away, shows off ‘great’ and ‘amazing’ dance moves,  but  hey, they get the party started and are always the most fun in the Club.

9. The Photographer

You always have this girl that would like to make a documentary of her whole evening/vacation/life by taking selfies every 5 minutes! It’s great for us, as that afterwards we have a bunch of funny pictures

10. The Couple

Boyfriend and girlfriend, husband and wife or lovers, you always have a couple joining the crawl to spice up their holidays. There are eager to mingle and are lovely to be around.

With such a variety of special people, the Singapore Pub Crawl has become a must do for anybody traveling to anywhere in the world including solo travelers, couples,  stag & hen’s parties and even The Grandpa’s. Everybody is always welcomed and always had a good time.

Coming to Singapore anytime soon?

Hit us up and join one of the Singapore crawls!

Singapore Pub Crawl partnered with Sentosa Development Corporation (SDC) to organise  the Sentosa Pub Crawl for the Sentosa’s Thirsty Thursday campaign. The aim of this campaign is to get people to experience the breath-taking ambience Sentosa has to offer.

Our pub crawl venues include AJ Hackett (Sentosa’s very own Bungy Jump attraction), Wavehouse (with an indoor surf activity), Ola Beach Club (an indoor pool with great drinks) and Bikini Bar (Yes, you will be served by girls in bikinis).

The crawl timings are at 6.30pm, 7.00pm and 7.30pm. The meeting point is at AJ Hackett. We all receive a complimentary drink at each place and enjoy 1-1 drink deals. The food at these venues are must try!

There is a complimentary shuttle service into Sentosa and the entry is on us! The buses run from 6pm-8pm. The pick up point is at the Vivocity Coach Pick Up Point (Just outside Crystal Jade Restaurant). If you find yourself in unfamiliar territory, ask the friendly staff at the Vivocity information counter. Or else, you can contact us at +65 9640 5611

It’s pretty chilled to be honest 😉22041906_1693903550643743_2318475133935891301_o

Pub crawls are always a good time to hang out with good friends, to meet lots of new people and hey, you get to get drunk, which let’s face it helps to make anything a good time. The only problem is that a pub crawl can turn into a logistical nightmare, with people getting lost, separated from their friends, chasing each other down all night and wandering all alone, drunk in the middle of the street like a hobo.

Well, we’re here to make sure none of that happens with these eight tips for surviving a pub crawl. You’re welcome, Singapore. You’re welcome.


1. Pace Yourself

This one is very important. You don’t want to be the guy who blows his wad at the very first stop and gets too drunk to continue. That’s no fun for anyone. Your friends either have to decide to stay behind with you, which ruins their night, or leave you in the care of an annoyed bartender who will probably spend all night fantasizing about smashing a bottle upside your head and then dumping your body in the dumpster in the alley out back. Sure, doing a line of tequila shooters might sound like a fun way to start off the night, but this is a marathon, not a sprint and you don’t want to be the dude cramping up before the end of the first mile, do you?


2. Don’t Get Bogged Down

The best way to pace yourself is to make sure you don’t get bogged down in one bar for too long. You don’t want to park yourself on a stool – or worse, in a booth – because pretty soon you won’t want to get up. You’ll just want to sit there and drink. And the thing about that is that it’s hard to gauge how drunk you really are without moving around a lot. Just remember that you’re there to get experience lots of different bars, not just one. Look at it like casual dating. You’re just looking for a good time, not trying to get married.


3. Don’t Be in a Rush

You don’t want to get bogged down, but perhaps even more importantly, you don’t want to be in such a hurry to get to the next bar that you don’t take the time to relax a bit and enjoy the one you’re already in. That’s a surefire way to kill a pub crawl. It’s a delicate balancing act. You want to experience as many venues as possible, but you want to actually experience them, not feel like a tourist on some walking tour of the city’s pubs. It’s important to be in the moment while maintaining an agenda for the rest of the night in the back of your head.

Patros 2

4. Have an Exit Strategy

Before each venue, talk about the general plan. Figure out how long you want to stay, how much you want to drink, and maybe even coordinate some signals that you can shoot each other across a crowded room to let each other know that it’s time to move on. Again, though, it’s a balancing act. You don’t want to be too specific or else you’ll just spend the whole time staring at your watch. That’s too rigid and nobody will have any fun. Leave some wiggle room so that you can get a feel for each place – some will be better than others, and naturally you’ll want to stay longer in some places – that way if you find someone cool you want to get to know better, you can manage that without feeling like you’re speed dating. So have an exit strategy before you go in, however keep it chill and casual.


5. Give Your Friends Their Space

A common mistake in a pub crawl is running around in one big herd. You look like a gang of tourists or scared gazelles huddling together for protection. At best, you’ll look standoffish and no one will feel comfortable intruding on your group. At worst, you’ll look like a bunch of Singaporeans. Spread out, talk to new people and don’t worry too much if one of your friends gets bored and splits early for the next place. That’s what the game plan is for. Again, don’t be afraid to be in the moment.


6. Don’t Get Too Separated

As important as giving each other space is, the worst thing you can do in a pub crawl is to get too separated. Once this happens, the whole night becomes a frustrating exercise in phone tag and hide and seek. Give each other space to do your own thing, but keep one eye out for each other too. This is where signals come into play and a game plan and exit strategy become vitally important. A good idea is to never let yourself become separated by more than one venue at a time. So if you do see a friend split early for the next place, you don’t have to rush out after him but remind yourself to wrap things up at the current place sooner rather than later.


7. Don’t Mix

This is a general rule of thumb whenever you’re drinking but it’s especially applicable in a bar crawl, where different bars have different specialties and different deals. Do not mix Tiger beer with liquor. Just don’t do it. Unless, of course, you plan on the world ending before you have to wake up the next morning. But even before then, mixing can have disastrous consequences. If you start off mixing, chances are you’ll be vomiting in the street before you even get to the last place on your crawl.


8. Enjoy Yourself

Everything that’s already been said takes a backseat to this one golden rule. Enjoy yourself. Everything else should be in service to that one thing. All these other tips exist just to make sure that you get the maximum amount of enjoyment out of your crawl, and the moment any of them start to seem like work, it’s time to take a step back, relax and allow yourself to have fun. Do not make this harder than it has to be. Just use common sense, keep these helpful hints in the back of your mind, remind yourself to have fun and you’ll be fine.

pirae parrrty

After the Italian Grand Prix, the rolling circus comes to Singapore! We, from the Singapore Pub Crawl, always await it every year! Singapore is known for its blistering nightlife scene, a reputation fired by being home of Tiger beers and the city’s hip, young crowds who flock to its themed pubs, chic bars and wild nightclubs

Visit popular race-themed nightlife venues and participate in interesting trivia and games. Come discuss race tactics, collect race maps and souvenirs. Come in your team’s favourite’s colours and meet fellow racing enthusiasts to show your support!

This year is quite different. It’s the 10th anniversary of the GPSS. Participants get to complete trivia and take part in fun games activities during the 5 hour pub crawl.

► Meeting Place
UOB Plaza, 80 Raffles place (You are sure to find our crew there!)
Nearest MRT: Raffles Place (Exit G)
**Find us at the fat pigeon near the river!**


► Registration: 7.30pm – 7.45pm
(We move off to our first bar at 7.45pm)

The Singapore Pub Crawl has enlisted the help of some of the best watering holes that the city has to offer, and they’ll each be hosting phenomenal drink specials. This is the perfect way to visit great bars, meet new friends, and save some money while you’re at it!

Here’s the fast lane of what to expect:

1. Start your 5-hour Grand Prix Season Singapore Pub Crawl when you meet your crawl leaders and fellow partygoers near the Singapore River in the evening. Get registered, put on your wristband and stroll to your first port of call.

2. Kick off the night by enjoying your first of the many complimentary shots at a popular local bar. In total, you will receive 10 shots that night to commemorate GPSS’s 10th Year Anniversary! Chat with your new-found friends within the fun-loving group, rub shoulders with the people from the world. Soak up the lively vibe for the partying that follows.

3. Your professional party local knows the ‘in’ places and how to help you get the best from your night, so after your first pit stop, you’ll head out to a string of 5 pubs and bars touted as some of Singapore’s best. You get to walk along the famous Singapore River and view the city’s river skyline. Enjoy exclusive drink deals all night and feel the tempo crank up as the night progresses and more of the city’s chic crowd come out to play.

4. With five bars down, there’s only one place to head next – a NIGHTCLUB! Enjoy VIP entry to one of the city’s hippest dance spots and throw yourself into the fun! You’ve got free admission and skip-the-line access!

5. Participants get to complete trivia and play race themed games:

• F1 Flag scavenger hunt – Race flags will be hidden at venue to be collected during the crawl. Collect all 10 to win a prize.

• F1 Trivia – Answer all 10 correctly to win a prize.

• Each crawler will receive 10 complimentary shots in total.

Promotions and Discounts:
Standard ticket: $35

• Visit 4 pubs and 1 nightclub
• Complimentary shots at each pub
• Exclusive drink deals
• VIP nightclub entry

VIP ticket: $59

• 1 hour Free Flow house spirits at one venue
• Get a special limited edition “Survivor” t-shirt.
• Visit 4 pubs and 1 nightclub
• Exclusive drink deals
• VIP nightclub entry

10% discount for all F1 ticket holders. Ticket holders to present and purchase the tickets during registration.


∆ Please bring your ID!
We are not responsible if you are barred from the club so bring your ID to ensure everything goes smoothly!

∆ Attire
Guys: No shorts/No flip flops
Ladies: Casual/No flip flops

If you are running late or if you find yourself in unfamiliar territory,
Contact our Crawl Leaders: + 65 84287156



Winner in 2017

Singapore may not be the biggest city in Asia, but like they say; it’s not the size that matters, it’s the way you use it. With the highest density of bars in the world, there are countless parties every single night to experience!

All of these parties and bars…it can be a real mess to decide where to go! Even when you find somewhere, have you picked the right place? What music will they have? Do I need to buy tickets in advance? What’s the dress code?

New cities and surroundings can sometimes be confusing but not to worry, here are just a few reasons you need to party with the Singapore Pub Crawl!

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1. We take you to the best bars/clubs

Saying that the Singapore drinking culture is vibrant is a severe understatement. Have trouble figuring out the best whiskey’s, maybe want to try a new craft beer? How about playing beer pong in the streets? And what’s the deal with the Singapore Sling? Our guides can sort you out no problem!

The party district of Singapore is packed with great, good, and OK bars and clubs. Finding your bearing can be tricky, but with the Singapore Pub Crawl, we only take you to the most popular bars and clubs. We live to find the middle ground between too hip and too touristy! Why not join the Singapore Pub Crawl, as every night we change bars/clubs, heading to whatever the hottest venues are in the city!

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2. Meet new friends

Loads of people come to Singapore from all over the world, and chances are they’re going to end up on the Singapore Pub Crawl and it’s the best opportunity to meet people in the city. They do say that going for a few drinks is the best way to break the ice….

We have a pub crawl running every week. Sometimes small, sometimes large, but we make sure that you can meet new friends. With the Singapore Pub Crawl, you are never alone!


3. To help with your budget!

Drinking can be expensive. Yes, the booze is expensive in fine Singapore and a nightout will rip your wallet a new one without any remorse if you are not careful. On our pub crawl, you get free drinks and we only take you to budget-friendly clubs.


4.We are Easy to Find

We start our Singapore Pub Crawl tours in the heart of the city, which is at 80 Raffles Place. Every night we gather in front of the little bird statue. We call it the Fat Pigeon Statue– we are in fact quite easy to spot, as there is usually a formidable group awaiting their pub crawl awesomeness!

5. For Friendly, sexy and local crew!

Our crew consists of a few professionally trained drunks. Okay, so it’s not exactly an official qualification, but if drunkenness is relative to the dedication, then there’s no one you’d rather want with you. Summer, Winter, rain or shine, our guides are out there doing what they do best; leading the best damn pub crawl in Singapore!

All true. Enough said. Check out our Facebook and Instagram

Singapore’s nightlife is world famous for a reason. Our pub crawl takes you on tour to the hottest nightlife spots in the city. We’ll race you around some of the best bars and pubs that give you an authentic taste of a night out in one of Asia’s top party cities. You will love pub crawls. Here is why.


You love to party without borders
Pub crawl is an unique and vibrant way of getting to know and enjoy Singapore by night, partying with an international and local crowd. Getting the taste of nightlife in Singapore is a must. You can’t miss the opportunity to enjoy the city and it is very complicated not to give in to the temptation. The nightlife in the Singapore River CBD area doesn’t have any schedule or boundaries: you can always encounter a party regardless of the time or day of the week.



You like to have it organized
A pub crawl is not a time for spontaneity. We select the best local pubs and clubs for our guests, ensuring drink deals for drinks, entertaining and supporting throughout the night, providing info on how to get back to your place whenever you want to or feel like. We are here for you, granting you will never run out of ideas.


You are looking for the best bars
You want to taste great drinks and we know the best places to get your booze on. Singapore Pub Crawl offers you the chance to party at famous bars and nightclubs in the city. Get to the best in the city centre, enjoy exclusive drink offers, meet people from all over the world, travellers and locals, experience the fun and intense party night life of Singapore.

Join us for a night you may not remember but you will never forget!